Sydney is all at once, sun sea surf and sophistication.

For young travellers, the lure of the famous Bondi Beach with its beauty, heat and the raw power of the ocean was awe inspiring.

The smell of the sea and colours of the sky before sunset, or the feel of the flat wet sand under bare feet, as the tide crept methodically away, were intoxicating. The natural wonder had us in awe.

Even the drumming of the crickets in early evening as we walked, with hot salty skin back to our hotel, have underpinned our perfume notes for this stunning location, with white jasmine, sparkling pink pepper and mimosa…

Yet not two hours later, we would be in the cosmopolitan city centre for drinks and dinner, perhaps Circular Quay, for an unmissable view across the harbour, escorted of course, by the base notes of white amber sensual vanilla and tonka bean. We felt glamorous, young and deliriously happy.

Experience seekers apply liberally and enjoy every second.


Sydney is all at once, sun sea surf and sophistication.

London was and is, our city.

Without doubt this fragrance reflects our respect and love for this melting pot of people, culture and history.

We grew up in the suburbs and experienced the bustling throng of the city as child models, rushing from one casting to another, securing a high end job or failing a tough audition, bruised, batted or successful, we would be jumping on the iconic tube, hailing a black cab or taking a quick jaunt on a world famous red London Bus.

Inspired by the history and refined elegance of London, our unique woody aromatic blend of lemon verbena, bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit top notes, combined with our love for the cities intriguing diversity, entwined our delicate accents of violet and rose. The velvety base of fine sandalwood, musk, amber, patchouli and white cedar create a truly sensual experience, as London awakens your senses, so do we.

Are you having tea at Claridges Hotel, opened in 1854? Seeing if the Queen is in residence at Buckingham Palace? Or buying up a storm at some of the world’s best fashion houses, we will take you from our hippest neighbourhoods to our most elegant establishments in one easy spritz.

Our only regret is that we did not fully appreciate the astonishing nightclubs, fabulous trendy restaurants, shops, museums and historical building until we were in our late teens. But these recollections, of the eclectic, intriguing elegance of our home city, are firmly captured in our edgy and rich aromatic blend.

Our love and memories of London are unique and real and our perfume is reserved only for the passionate.

New York-Platinum

There is no particular time of year that is better than another to visit New York, the town so good they named it twice. However the unforgettable energy of Christmas in The Big Apple is possibly the most addictive and spectacular destination our family has ever experienced.

The enchanting holiday season was brought alive by vibrant winter wonderlands, festive markets, tree lighting ceremonies and ice skating with hot chocolate. We would even sit huddled together on a horse drawn carriage, in Central Park, to get the authentic New York Christmas feel. This and the smell of chestnuts roasting, inspired our luxurious perfumes creamy vanilla, sandalwood and cashmere heart.

Before our first evening in town we would walk down 5th Avenue and be amazed by the most elaborate and creative window displays, finding ourselves magnetically drawn into some of the best high end department stores and boutiques in the world.

We didn’t forget to buy something special to wear, as there was always a piano bar and 12 foot Christmas tree waiting at the stunning hotel. We have created the exquisite white tuberose, jasmine and ylang ylang perfume notes to share this fabulously luxurious experience with you.

Blake Lively the actor once said ”New York has romanced me unlike anything else” We couldn’t agree more.

This utterly addictive city will seduce you and like our family’s fragrance leave you wanting more.


We first ventured to Dubai when the city was still young and mysterious. We were astonished by the role that perfumery played within the Middle Eastern Culture. Immersed in history and thousands of years of local traditions we realised in Dubai the ancient heritage and luxury of scent was everywhere.

There was nothing modest about the accommodation in this diverse international metropolis and we were never disappointed with the astonishing décor of these sumptuous and alluring hotels, where gold covered entire floors, and internal fountains, lavish designer shops, tantalising gastronomy, helipads and chauffeured Rolls Royce were the order of the day.

In fact the whole experience of Dubai for us, was an opulent and beckoning trail of scent, leading us from the traditional powerful amber, saffron and musk to an sensuous base of rock rose and precious oudh, reminiscent of the glimmer of early evening stars over the ethereal Dubai skyline.

This city treats the art of perfumery with the greatest reverence and our fragrance merges this ancient heritage, with sensual, extravagant modernity and flair.

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