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Following a lifetime passion for fragrance, travel and design, it seemed only fitting that the creative and resourceful designers behind Johnson and White would set up a business based around their family’s shared values of making a house a very special home.

This exclusive home fragrance brand comes from an exceptional team of two sisters, both devoted to their products and families, even sharing the same birthday but one year apart. Their connection, trust and loyalty has brought to life, their fragrant childhood memories, of exotic travel and caring happy homes, in the most original and authentic scented creations.

Anyone who has a passion for interior design, or just likes their living space to have a few finishing touches, will have an interest in home fragrance and its ability to enhance, energise and lift the mood. Johnson and White fragrances will transport your home to a special and distinctive place.

“We are so proud of our company’s vision and values, uniquely woven from the beauty of sisterhood, that our brand logo became the Celtic Sisters Knot. This symbol means so much to us. The unbroken line represents the powerful lifelong bond of love and friendship, which we share with each other and our closest family and friends. Our support and allegiance of one another has created a sense of purpose for our business and lives as a whole. To love life requires passion and effort, something we practice every day”.

When you love what you do, it shows.


Johnson and White’s unique candle design was created by ourselves Laura Johnson and Danielle White. Each glass is a handmade object and is made using a variety of expert hand-production techniques, they are individually hand-finished by skilled artisans. Each candle is a result of careful attention to detail and superior craftmanship.

Our candles are then hand poured in the UK using traditional artisan techniques of hand-pouring and blending the wax and fragrance to ensure unrivalled quality for the best and most unique luxury scented candle. We use the highest quality mineral wax and Eco cotton wicks to ensure the cleanest possible burn and scent experience.

We have worked with a perfumer to create our fragrant memories of exotic places. We have sourced unique ingredients and sophisticated formulations to transport your home to a special distinctive place.

All our candles and diffusers are then hand cleaned and quality checked before they are put in a luxury gift box, making our unique collection a luxurious gift.

About Johnson and White